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Published: 04th March 2011
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Arena Guide For 5v5

Thanks to the third expansion of World of Warcraft, 5v5 along with allot of the game has changed. With it, we have received numerous changes to classes, which have affected the entire experience of the World of Warcraft content, both PvE and PvP-wise. As you would imagine the spec for pvp in allot of classes have changed and so have the stat prority.

If you where to fully understand PvP in cataclysm you have to look at both rated and un rated battle grounds and arena 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5. Arena has always been the most dynamic part of the PvP in world of warcraft. As you could imagine with exactly 10 classes to play and three spec for each classes when looking at 5v5 and the different combonations you could have are amazing. Naturally, not all of them are viable, or even make sense, but there are some setups that run like a Swiss clock.

Because the expansion is only a couple of months old it's hard to see what is going to be the best combo so far but because we can see that some older combos still work we will discuss them along with new possiblities. Allot of wow players don't enjoy 5v5 as much as 2v2 and 3v3 for the simple fact that they find it to hard to enjoy, this is mainly because they see as being to messy. Usually we can see some extended 3v3 setups and sometimes something that is brand new.

Warlocks, Mages, Shadow priests, Holy Paladins, Restoration Druids, Rogues, Warriors, Hunters, Elemental and restoration shamans are just some of the most dominate classes in Cataclysm.

Warlocks, shamans and death knights are a part of almost every team in the top 100 of the world.

There is a high amount of extended RMP teams in 5v5 bracket, usually with a holy paladin and a caster such as a warlock or elemental shaman. RMP (rogue mage priest) has always been one of the dominant teams in 3v3 arena now extended by or you can also say combined with a good spell cleave set up (mage paladin warlock) it upgrades this team with bit more burst damage and crowd control making it easy for them to defeat almost any opponent.

Second team that is often seen in 5v5 is a so called extended PHD (paladin hunter death knight) with a restoration shaman and a warlock. This combo has been good for a while and still in cata even with the changes still performs. In addition, you can replace a death knight with a warrior, but i would recommend getting a paladin for the warrior if you didn't have a deathknight because he will need the freedom. I should probably mention that this is one of the rare setups where hunters fit in very good seeing how they are yet to be represented in other brackets (2v2 and 3v3).

Death knight, warrior, elemental shaman, restoration druid and a holy paladin is yet another good setups that you can run with a high amount of burst. Although you can swap elemental shaman with an enhancement, but you should always have at least one ranged dps in your team.

These above listings are just some of the combinations that you can run in 5v5 but make sure you keep your eyes open for new and exciting combos that cataclysm would have born. However, you can never go wrong with making a team with the well-represented classes I have previously listed, as long as you keep in mind that for a team to work you should usually go with two healers and three dps. Make sure that every side the you creat has two dps that work well togeather, if you need more ideas about class combos visit arena junkies. If you are not sure check 3v3 team setups, you always want to have a high amount of burst damage combined with good crowd control and just enough survivability to make it work. Have fun!

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